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delivering sustainability and innovation to projects of scale


District Infrastructure and Sustainability Planning

At Next Infrastructure, we specialize in comprehensive district infrastructure planning with the goal of enhancing sustainability performance. Our approach integrates systems-led thinking for energy, water, waste, mobility, and digital assets underpinned by our extensive expertise in real estate, planning, engineering, technology, and economics. We meticulously guide your project from initial vision and feasibility studies into design, partnership, and implementation, ensuring every aspect of your project stands out in efficiency, innovation, and sustainability.


Owner’s Representation

Next Infrastructure’s unique experience working at the frontier of innovation in real estate allows us to plug into the owner’s team for special projects. When developers have bespoke, first-of-their-kind projects, we can provide project management support to guide the team through planning, design, and construction. We start by developing a roadmap that identifies key milestones and risks, and work through a process that allows the owner to stay involved in key decisions while outsourcing the day-to-day management.


District Project Implementation

Next Infrastructure excels in project implementation, acting as an extension of the owner's team to secure the best partners. Our leadership in managing large-scale projects, combined with technical know-how, enables seamless translation of conceptual plans into reality. We leverage our vast network of system operators and financial partners, engaging the market through early planning, solicitation, and procurement. Our commitment to embedding within client organizations allows for specialized, focused management of projects requiring nuanced expertise with an understanding of how all the pieces fit together.

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As a leader in sustainable infrastructure consulting across North America, NEXT specializes in district-scale development for smart urban growth. Leveraging our interdisciplinary expertise in real estate, planning, engineering, technology, and economics, we transform ambitious visions into tangible realities. Our focus is on driving extraordinary sustainability and innovation in large-scale projects, using digital tools and a global network of partners to deliver holistic, commercially viable solutions.



Woodbine Communities - Toronto, ON

Woodbine Entertainment Group

  • Role: Feasibility study for sustainable and district infrastructure systems of energy, water, and digital technologies. Sustainability business planning. Sitewide management for utility mapping, earthwork, and stormwater management. Partner procurement.

  • Site: 680-acre greenfield project to become up to 29,000 housing units and 15.8M SF of employment

  • Program: An urban community offering new housing, employment space and parks, an entertainment district, and upgraded horse racing facilities enabled by a new commuter station.

California Forever - Solano County, CA

California Forever

  • Role: District sustainability and infrastructure planning, renewable energy cluster concept development, utility district structuring, project scheduling.

  • Site: ~62,000 acres in Solano County

  • Program: A new city aspiring to be the most sustainable in the world

California Forever_image_screenshot.png
Michigan Central - Detroit MI.jpeg

Michigan Central - Detroit, MI

Ford Motor Company

  • Role: Strategic planning for sustainability and district infrastructure. Implementation of ‘demonstration’ street to pilot and showcase new technologies. Autonomous vehicle shuttle. Site transportation planning.

  • Site: 30-acre district built around the former train station owned by Ford

  • Program: A collaborative district in the Corktown neighborhood that will advance the future of mobility

Brodie Oaks - Austin, Tx

Barshop & Oles / Lionstone

  • Role: Techno-economic evaluation for district energy and water. Regulatory guidance on new ordinances. Community stakeholder engagement.

  • Site: 38-acre active shopping center in an environmentally sensitive watershed

  • Program: LEED ND, 3M SF mixed use

Brodie Oaks - Austin TX.jpeg
Bedrock Detroit - updated.png

Confidential Projects - Detroit, MI 

Bedrock Detroit

  • Role: District energy planning and delivery, owner's rep for alternative mobility pilot.

  • Site: Urban locations

  • Program: Mixed-use, innovation-focused

Point of the Mountain Proposal - Draper, UT

Boyer / Gardner / Miller

  • Role: Led multi-firm team proposal effort. Developed sustainable infrastructure program. Participated as a horizontal development partner.   

  • Site: 700-acre former prison site planned as a new 15-minute city

  • Program: 16.7M SF mixed-use planned around an urban hub and BRT

Point of the Mountain - Draper UT.jpeg
Swyft Cities.jpg

Confidential Projects - Multiple Cities

Swyft Cities

  • Role: Transit route concept planning, real estate value proposition analysis, project case study.

  • Program: Smart Gondola PRT system

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